Start Team
Start-Team is an online collaboration and communications platform that enables virtual teams to work together more effectively. With Start-Team you can coordinate sales initiatives by linking your account executives, respond to customer RFP's by bringing together key suppliers regardless of location, organize virtual design teams who can then collaborate across town or across the globe.
Start-Team's suite of service includes unlimited toll conferencing, webcasting, video conferencing, messaging, calendaring action item tracking and document management. Contact us today for a live demo of the Start-Team Service.

General Features
  • Private Secure Team Community
  • Invitation only participation
  • Access available anytime, anywhere
  • Video Conferencing with Audio(VoIP) / Video Components
  • URL Push to Attendees
  • Whiteboard Capability
  • Immediate ‘On-the-Fly' Sessions
  • Email Invitations for Scheduled Sessions
  • See, Hear and Talk to Others in Real Time
  • One Mouse Click Controlling
  • Easy to Set Up and Use
  • No Downloads or Installations
  • Custom sub-domain URL (e.g.;
  • Custom Community Branding
  • Custom Community color schemes, headers and fonts
  • Invite Community Guests (Guests have limited privileges and can request full membership)
  • Moderator can link Community with another community with members of one community becoming guests of another
  • Supports Community sizes of up to 10 and 50 Members
  • Community size greater than 50 Members (Additional charges apply)
  • Community Member Profiles
  • Each member gets a personal profile to help keep the collaboration on a personal level, including picture
  • Account Management Administration
  • A portion of the profile can be made public to other Community members
  • Same profile is used for multiple Community memberships
  • Preferred communication methods can be included
  • On-line Presence indication
  • Self selected remote location indicator
  • Directly accessible via login link
  • Subscribe to Community Alerts
  • List of Communities member is a member of
  • Access to Action Items and Messages
  • Integrated Community Calendar
  • Shared Community Calendar
  • Members can add events with automatic notification emails to invitees
  • Integration with personal calendars via iCal attachments
  • Community administrator can add events and pre-scheduled conferences
  • Synchronous Communication Services
  • Integrated VoIP calling via Skype
  • Real-time member chat with 2 or more members
  • Members and Community Moderator can schedule on-the-fly Conference Calls and Web Meetings between 2 or more members
  • Document Library
  • Repository of documents (doc, ppt, pdf, xls, photos and many other types)
  • Members can upload and download documents
  • Members can post comments on Documents and see other comments by members
  • Sorting by Date or person who shared Document
  • File Storage - Maximum Storage
  • Pro: 1 GB
  • Premium: 5 GB
  • Data Transfer (Per Month)
  • Pro: 4 GB
  • Premium: 20 GB
  • Community Action Items with Notification
  • Community Action Items can be issued
  • Color coded priority displayed on Community home page
  • Members can comments on Action Items
  • Integrated Messaging
  • One click messaging to other members
  • Private messages to Community Members within Community
  • Public Messages to all within Community
  • Send email to member(s)
  • Community Administration
  • Manage members, member invites and member requests
  • Manage Related Communities
  • Modify Community characteristics Schedule and Manage Web Meetings and Audio Conferences
  • Customized Content
  • RSS Feed Reader to include community related content Managed by Moderator
  • Related Links Library where members can post relevant links
  • Online Web Meeting
  • Unlimited use of on-line web meeting service
  • PowerPoint slideshows
  • Slideshow pointer and highlighting
  • Application/desktop sharing
  • Attendee Roster
  • Security (SSL encryption)
  • In Session Text Chat
  • Conference Summary Reports (emailed automatically to Community Administrator)
  • Hand raising
  • Multiple presenters
  • Control passing
  • Remote control
  • Polling
  • File transfer
  • Document Annotations
  • MS Word & Excel Publishing
  • Audio Casting/Streaming
  • Phone Conferencing
  • Unlimited usage with toll-paid access numbers
  • Fully automated entry
  • Available 24x7
  • Presentation mode option (all lines muted except host)
  • Entry and exit tones
  • Integrated Audio and Web Record & playback

Advanced Conference Control Features:

  • Lock/Unlock conference call
  • Mute/Unmute lines
  • Roll call (play list of recorded participant names)
  • Participant count
  • 800 Numbers (Additional charges apply)
System Requirements
Members need only a Net-connected computer with a current browser. Supported browsers include: Internet Explorer 6.x, 7.x and 8.0, Firefox 1.x, 2.x and 3.x and Mac Safari 2.x.
If you intend to conduct application/desktop sharing, our system requires that all members, including the Web Meeting host, have Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, Netscape 7.0 or higher, or Mozilla 1.0 or higher, the current version of Java Virtual Machine (JVM, included with all of modern browsers) installed and browser settings that do not block or disable the JVM.
Additionally, the Web Meeting Host will require a one-time ActiveX plug-in that can be downloaded in advance or on-the-fly during your session.
Call Jim today at 201-214-2102
 to arrange a live demo of Bow Communications' Start-Team Services.
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