Frequently Asked Questions

Toll-Free Conferencing

What is a Reservationless Toll-Free or Flat Rate Conference Call?
A conference call is three or more people simultaneously talking on the phone from different locations using a toll-free or toll number. Reservationless means your conference system is available 24/7. Once your account is set up, there is no need to call us to set up individual calls. You schedule the call among your participants whenever you need to do a call.
How long does it take to set up an account?
Print and fill out the appropriate form from our website and fax it to us. Your application will be processed immediately and all your pertinent conference call information will be emailed to you. Our clients are usually set up within the hour.
How do I make a Conference Call?
Notify your participants of the date and time of your conference call. Make sure you specify the time zone such as eastern or pacific. Send your participants the toll-free or Flat Rate access number and guest code. Instruct your participants to dial the access number and enter their guest pin code at the time you specified. Five minutes before your conference dial your access number and enter your host code. Your conference call will begin immediately!
How do I schedule a one-time use conference with unique codes?
With Toll Free, you can be assigned as many pin code sets programmed for different port limits' as you like. You are only billed for minutes used not how many pin code sets you have. If you are on Flat Rate plan, you must purchase different pin code sets. The price is determined by the port limit.
How do I increase the volume on a call?
Each time you press *4, the call will increase in volume. There are 3 levels of volume increase. Once you press *4 during the highest level of volume, the volume level will return to the lowest level.
Do I have to sign a service contract?
Both Toll Free and Flat Rate Conference Call services are month to month. There are no set up or cancellation fees.
When will I be billed?
Toll Free is billed for minutes used at the end of the month. Flat Rate is charged to your credit card in advance on the 15th of the month. If you want to cancel Flat Rate, you must do so by the 14th of the previous month you wish to cancel.
How many people may participate on one call?
We can support as many people or sites as you need connected 3, 30, 300, and more.
What if someone calls from a payphone?
If you access our system using a payphone within North America, a payphone surcharge is applicable.
Can participants use their cell phones to join the conference call?
Yes you can use your cell phone to call our Toll Free or Flat Rate number and join a conference call.
What if someone calls from Hawaii, Alaska or Canada?
Calls from Hawaii, Alaska, Canada or Puerto Rico are included in your toll-free rate. With Flat Rate, all participants pay the going rate to their own providers. Participants are encouraged to find out what their rates are with their providers.
How do I record/playback a conference call?
You will be sent all pertinent recording/playback instructions upon sign up.
What is Toll/Flat-Rate Conference Calls?
A flat-rate conference call is 3 or more people simultaneously talking on the phone from different locations using a toll number. All participants pay their own long distance charges to their own phone providers.
Is there a cancellation fee?
There is never a fee to cancel your Service. However, we do not prorate or credit the unused portion of a month's service. On Flat Rate, you must cancel by the 14th of the previous month you wish to cancel.
How do international callers get connected?
With Flat Rate Conference Calling, international callers dial into the conference call the same way domestic participants do. They pay international rates to their own phone companies. With Toll Free Conference Calling, international participants dial a special number to join conference and are billed international rate by their own phone companies for an international call. You as the host are billed 4 cents a minute for your international participants and 6.9 cents for all domestic toll free participants.
How many conference calls can I make in a month?
There is no limit. With Toll Free Conference Calling, you can setup multiple conference rooms to have meetings occur simultaneously. For Flat Rate Conference Calling you can purchase multiple pin sets with varying port limits.
Does each caller need a conference code or just the leader?
You will receive a dial in number, one host and one guest code. You provide the dial in number and guest code to all participants. All hosts dial in same number but enter the host code when prompted.
Do I have to make a reservation for my conference call?
There is no need to make a reservation. Your service is available for conference calls 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
Can I dial out to a participant?
There is no dial-out feature available with Flat-Rate Conferencing.
Dial-out is available with our Toll-Free Conference call service.
Can I have more than one conference call going at the same time?
You can have as many conference calls in a month as you want, but not at the same time with the same pin codes. For instance if you schedule a one hour conference call at 10:00 and another at 11:00 then you run the risk of your 11 o'clock parties joining your 10 o'clock call before it is finished. You may want to leave a 15-minute transition "gap" between scheduled calls or you can setup multiple conference rooms to have meetings occur at the same time.
What if I need help?
Please call 201.214.2102

Web Conferencing

What is a web conference?
A web conference is when three or more people talk on the phone at the same time at different locations. During your conference call you use the internet to share information such as PowerPoint. This is called a Web Conference. Conference calls allow everyone to be in the same meeting regardless of location. Participants can hear what you hear and see what you see anytime, anywhere.
What can affect the performance?
Here are some of the main factors:
The speed of your computer's connection to the Internet
Your Internet service provider
Overall Internet traffic
Can I show slide transitions in presentations?
Yes! If you share a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, attendees can see the slide transitions.
What types of files or applications can I share?
You can share virtually any document or application. However, applications with streaming content may not work well, because such content is not streaming directly from the source to attendees. We are currently working to bring this feature.
What if I need more Seats?
You can contact our support team for additional seats at 201.214.2102
Can I have a Customer Login Page?
Yes, if you meet our minimum requirement you will receive this feature.
What if I need help?
Please call 201.214.2102 
Special Note to Cell Phone Users
Although access to our system is available from your cell phone through the toll number, your cell phone provider may or may not charge you AIR TIME, long-distance and other CHARGES.
Bow Communications is not responsible for the particular contract items related to what your cell phone provider is allowed to charge. Please make sure you know what your cell phone service plan states regarding this issue.

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