Become a Reseller/Partner

The conferencing market is one of the fastest growing segments of the telecommunications industry. Create tremendous revenue streams selling some of the hottest products on the market today. Bow Communications has eliminated virtually all of the start up cost for you.

Reseller Services: Bow Communications can provide private labeled reseller services for you. We can answer your line with a customized greeting in your name. We provide the reservations, operator services, automated calling, customer service, billing, collections, and remit the difference between your buy and sell rates on a monthly basis. If you would like to do your own billing, we can send you the call details.

Private Label: Bow Communications can also private label its suite of teleservices, including Voicemail, outbound and inbound telemarketing, fax broadcasting, e-mail broadcasting, and voice broadcasting.

Agents Wanted: We would like for you to consider being an agent for our 800-conference calling, flat rate conference calling, voicemail, voice broadcasting, email broadcasting, and fax broadcasting services. Bow Communications is a teleconferencing company that specializes in reservationless, unattended conference calling for commercial and non-profit organizations.

You get a low buy rate and you can set your prices so that you can make 50% margins or better. We provision, bill, collect, and then remit to you the difference between the buy and sell rates.

To have a copy of the agent package sent to you,
Please call us at
for more information
We look forward to a very successful and profitable relationship for both of us.

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