High Profile Event Conference Calls

Bow Communications partners with clients to manage and implement
important events effectively... every day!
Bow Communications scheduling centers are open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Professional Conference Specialists are available around the clock to coordinate your conference call.
How it works
Bow Communications makes audio conferencing simple. After reserving your conference, you will be assigned a dial-in number and passcode. Conferees simply dial into the number, enter the passcode, and join
the conversation. No special equipment is required.
Operator-Assisted Conferencing
For a more professional, efficient, and informative meeting, choose an
operator-assisted conference. Our trained, experienced Conference Specialists manage the details, so you can concentrate on your subject.
And with a full spectrum of enhancements, you can customize your conference to meet your exact needs.
These include:
  • Dial-Out Service: Our Conference Specialists will call and connect participants anywhere in the world to your conference.
  • Electronic Q&A, which allows participants to ask questions and be formally introduced into the call.
  • Pre-conference music, recorded announcements, and live announcements.
  • In-conference handling of introductions, transitions, instructions, and announcements.
  • Post-conference concluding statements and thanks.
Xpress Call Unattended Services
Get instant, at-your-fingertips teleconferencing from any touch-tone
phone with Bow Communications Xpress Call service. At any time, from anywhere, you can conference with anyone: clients, colleagues, business associates. It's the fastest, easiest way to effortless, hassle-free conferencing! With Xpress Call you get 24/7 availability and a security passcode. No
reservations required.
Use Xpress Call for:
  • Troubleshooting
  • Urgent meetings
  • Emergency notification
  • Time-sensitive issues
  • Routine business meetings
  • Secure discussions
  • Crisis resolution
  • Project updates
You have complete control and security anytime, anywhere! Xpress Call allows you several options to control your conferences. Bow Communications will provide you with a dedicated toll-free number and passcodes to activate your reservationless conference.
And you can choose:
  • Toll-free dial-in access (all parties)
  • Toll-free dial-in access (host code activated)
  • Host dial-out
  • Scheduled Passcode Conferencing
For convenience and ease-of use, Scheduled Passcode Conferencing is the solution. Simply dial into your permanent number and enter your passcode, and you are admitted directly into your meeting. Scheduled Passcode provides the security of a reservation. A Bow Communications operator will schedule your conference for the date and time you desire, and if you need assistance during the call, the operator is just a keypad-touch away!
Scheduled Passcode is perfect for regular meetings with project groups, sales teams, and for status reports.
Make sure your event conference is successful from start to finish with Bow Communications Event Conferencing services. Bow Communications is a proven leader in the challenging world of high-touch, operator-driven conference calls.
Bow Communications Event Conferencing expands the horizons of corporate events by eliminating physical constraints. Now you can reach a large global audience without travel costs and logistics. By implementing the most efficient conferences possible, you benefit from time and cost savings.
At Bow Communications, we incorporate the best equipment, the best people, meticulous planning and thorough training, to ensure flawless conference execution. Whether you need audio, video, or web-based conferencing operator-assisted or unattended we have a solution for you.
InHealth Conferencing
With years of experience in the pharmaceutical and medical education
industries, Bow Communications understands the specialized needs of your business. That's why we offer InHealth Conferencing, a communications tool tailored for health-care professionals.
Our combined Local or Toll-Free Dial-In/Dial-Out conferencing services improve the effectiveness of reaching your audience. The highest quality bridging equipment ensures sound clarity and management of large-port calls.
Bow Communications Conference Specialists are highly trained and professionally experienced in health-industry meetings. We manage everything from pre-conference planning through the meeting itself and on to post-conference details, freeing you up to focus on your meeting content.
Through our professionalism, pro-active client care, responsiveness, and commitment to excellence, we have gained a reputation as the premier service provider to the pharmaceutical and medical education industries.
InVest Conferencing
Bow Communications recognizes the critical role that conferencing
plays in announcing your company's quarterly earnings to Wall Street. Therefore, we have developed InVest Conferencing to ensure that every detail of your Investor Relations Conference is executed flawlessly.
Bow Communications has specialized in high-profile conferences for over five years, and there's one point we can't overemphasize: Planning is the key to a successful meeting. We've established a set of procedures and scripts that have been field-proven in meeting after successful meeting. InVest Conferencing relieves you of the multitude of planning details so you can focus on your message.
Before the conference,you can choose to have music playing for the waiting participants, a recorded announcement of your company name and any other information, and live announcements assuring the participants of the meeting's ommencement.
As the conference opens,your Bow Communications Conference Specialist will introduce the meeting, provide concise instructions as to participation, and turn the meeting over to your moderator.
During the conference,the Conference Specialist will announce critical transitions, such as opening the Q&A session, and again provide clear instructions on how to participate. The Conference Specialist also announces each questioner and his or her affiliation.
To close the conference,the Conference Specialist will offer the moderator a concluding statement, and then thank the participants for attending.
If you have any questions about how to make your critical Investor Relations meetings work optimally for your company, please contact us.
Bow Communications IQueue is the essential complement to high-profile
conference calls. IQueue brings the conference call screen to your desktop. Using a web-based application, you can view in real time the exact screen used by the Conference Specialist to manage and control your conference call.
IQueue Features
View the names of all participants, including any additional
identifying information (company, phone number, etc.).
Monitor the screen in real time to determine the connection status of
all participant lines (active or idle), and to see new participants join the conference.
Request a printable display of the participants currently online at any point before or during the conference call.
Chat with the Conference Specialist in control of your call by text messaging.
Manage the Q&A queue by observing the participants as they join the queue, and instructing the Conference Specialist to prioritize them accordingly.
Raise your conference IQueue! Take control of your conferences, improve efficiency, and control costs!


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