Toll Free Conference Call Service
Just like our Flat Rate Conference Call Service, with Bow Communications there are no start up or cancellation fees. It is a month-to-month service billed at 2.9 cents per minute for the minutes you have used. Bow Communications offers toll free conference calling at 2.9 cents per minute using fiber optics, not VOIP! Our 2.9 cent toll free service is good in the USA and Canada with no monthly minimums. Start a call instantly, without reservations! Once you sign up our reservationless, toll free conference-calling service provides you with two PIN codes - a moderator code and a participant code. You can set it up so participants are interactive as they call in or for account security, all participants will be kept on hold until a host has dialed in with the moderator code. If you choose to activate the music on hold feature you can also have auto host disconnect which disconnects the complete call when the last host hangs up. If participants dial back in, they will only hear music and will not be permitted to interact until a host connects to the bridge.
Now Available, local dial in numbers!
Reduced costs and added convenience comes with our new Local Meet Me Service. We can offer local access numbers in Canada and major US cities for your conference calls. With this new service, attendees may dial into a number that is a free local call to join your teleconference. There is no cost to the guests and a significantly lower price to the company hosting the call. When your guests use a local dial in number, you pay only the 1.9 cent per minute bridging cost, no toll-free charges.
Let's say you have an office in Houston, Los Angeles and Pittsburgh. The parties in these 3 cities can each dial telephone numbers that are local to them and then all parties are connected to the same call. Toll Free service is always an option and can be used in conjunction with these numbers as well. As an added bonus, this system also includes access to Live Conference Viewer, at no extra charge. The Live Conference Viewer is a portal for the Host to use to manage their calls. You can view and manage the connections, enable Presentation or Q&A mode, and enable Recording.
Simple to use
The Moderator distributes their dial-in access number and participant codes to all participants. At the appointed time, all participants dial the toll free number. The participants are prompted to enter the participant code and are placed in the call. The Moderator enters a moderator code to start the call. The participants are either interactive or placed on hold until the host arrives.
Our toll free conference call service saves you money because there are no labor costs involved in making toll free conference calls. There are fewer errors, offering the best quality, the easiest to use, and some of the lowest rates for toll free conference calls in the industry. Please call 201-214-2102 to receive the most competitive price quote on any conference call service you need. 

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