Web Conference Service
Top web conference service, live e-learning and webinar services at below market pricing. With Web Conference Service you can add a visual component to your meetings. Web Conference Services offers the most comprehensive, flexible and dynamic communications environment today. Corporations are drastically reducing travel and hiring budgets due to a slowing economy. At the same time they are demanding higher productivity and communications from employees.
Instead of trying to make one platform work for all of your needs, you now have one source from which to choose the most effective solution(s) for each of your needs. We offer many of the top performing web conference services, webinar and online training services at some of the lowest prices available today.
Use the Quick Comparison Guide below to help narrow down the service that best fits your Web Conference solution. Then click on the button below to learn more details about each service. Of course you can always call us and let our experts help you decipher the best web conference solution for your organization.

Video E-mail and More!

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In addition to the services above Bow Communications also provides Start-Team, an online collaboration and communications service that enables teams to work together more effectively.  Start-Team was designed to meet the needs of both small and medium sized businesses as well as the Enterprise.  Start-Team's integrated suite of services includes unlimited audio, video and web conferencing, webcasting, messaging, group calendaring, action item tracking and document management.

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